Back when the list was in it's infancy, someone came up with the rose.
It may have been Angela Dale, who designed the CyberRose crest.

Those were the days when an internet mailing list as a whole was in its infancy.
People were still tied to using plain text as few members couldaccept html messages.
There was a trend to playing with ASCII art
- the ability to make pictures using type in a monospaced font.

Anyway, we were knocking around ideas of how to identify us.
Once we had the rose, the idea for a crest soon followed
so that we would have some identification to wear at events etc.
Angela Dale did up a couple of variations of the design and we put it to a vote.
The CyberRose crest was born and the rest is history.

@ because we meet on the internet.

The } ties us all together as a group.

The three dashes - - - represent the three parts of the promise.
(i.e.: duty, service and self respect)

The 2 "thorns" , ' represent the Promise and Law that are the unspoken "rules" of the list.

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